About Tony

I was born into a musical family and took up double-bass, cello and composing in my teens, going on to study composition and double-bass at the Royal Academy of Music. From the outset I was surrounded by jazz, light/continental, and classical music.

My subsequent career as composer, performer and teacher has brought me into close contact with an even greater array of musical and cultural diversity. As a listener I am continually fascinated by further exploration of the great 'wheel' of music and its expression of its origins - ever turning.

For these reasons I find it a satisfying experience to 'paint scenes' or 'cook with different flavours' in music, whilst retaining individuality of style. Much of my music is lighthearted, jazzy, even 'funk-rocky' but even in more serious and reflective works I like to feel that there is something uplifting and 'healing' for the spirit.

I was elected Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in 2001. In 2003 and 2006 I was on the panel of judges for the British Composer Awards.

I am very fortunate in the artists who perform my work around the world and I look forward to every new adventure - be it a little study for solo double-bass, an opera, or an adaptation of a 60 minute feature-film score into a 15 minute suite for intermediate string orchestra with 3rd violin parts and optional basses - for me composing music is an infinitely fulfilling process.

I am a member of the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters.